What We Provide

We specialize in the online activities that help you attract prospects, convert prospects into leads and cultivate relationships to drive sales and repeat business. We provide:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Training
  • Graphic Design
  • Public Relations
  • Web Design
  • Micro-sites
  • Inbound Leads
  • Email Automation
  • Analytics Tracking
The best beginnings start with a solid plan. We will create the framework for a plan that serves to achieve your marketing objectives.”Learn
We will build inbound strategies into your current marketing activity that attract prospects and convert those prospects into solid leads.”Learn
Engagement on your social pages requires that you have valuable content to share. Our team of writers, designers and page managers will develop regular content to engage your fan base.”Learn
Online engagement is not a sprint, so we welcome an ongoing relationship with your in-house team. By anticipating short term and long term goals, we think ahead and stay actively engaged in every stage of your marketing plan.”Learn

Other Services

If you know that your social pages need an update and an infusion of new engaging content, the Digital Launch Package is a great solution. This package includes everything you need in the first two months including the design and set-up of up to three social pages with keyword-rich descriptions and high-quality visuals, six original articles to share on your blog site, the set up of a micro-site/landing page with a compelling offer, set up of a CRM program to begin collecting leads, and the creation of two email automation campaigns to cultivate leads into sales.


If your pages need a simpler jumpstart, you might consider our Mini-Digital Makeover as another option. This is a 30-day program to redesign/set-up up to three social pages with keyword-rich descriptions, engaging content and high-quality visuals. In addition, our Mini-Makeover clients will receive two original articles to share on your blog site, one micro-site/landing page with a compelling offer and a 12-month plan to turn new prospects into sales.

If you’re confidant that you have an in-house team of executors who are ready to run with a defined digital marketing plan, then our Complete Consult package may make the most sense for your business. We will spend three two-hour sessions with your corporate team to define your specific online objectives within the marketplace. By analyzing the market of competitors as well as your unique positioning in that environment, we will help you define your key objectives and create a recommended plan to execute online communication to achieve your objective: both in the short term and in the long term. You’ll end our sessions with a leave-behind that will outline all of our findings and can be used to train your in-house social media team on all corporate communication. If you need a reference point at which to focus your team and get started, this is it!


Why Choose Us

We believe in making your business an extension of our own by putting a great deal of thought into each marketing tactic by supporting your in-house team in the execution of all digital communication for your brand. From social media postings, to original graphics & dedicated email campaigns, we make the growth of your online influence our number one objective. We study new developments in social media marketing and we’re committed to only using best practices.

What Client’s Say

I really want to tell you how grateful and thankful I am for your efforts to make [our program] great. I always appreciate someone that works so hard at their craft. Thank You… very… very much!
Paul G., Real Estate Manager
OK, so you turned me into a Twitter junkie!  I took your advice and I am just connecting with all these people…I get it now!  I’m having a blast and have been very strategic on who I am following and reaching out to. As a result of my twitter adventures, I am gaining about 2 or 3 new followers  a day since I started.  In addition, I have had a couple of people agree to have me on their podcasts!  That was really my goal…It’s working!  So glad I took your advice :)
Stacie D, Blogger
Thanks so much–I have NEVER attended a seminar in all my years of r.e. in which I have gotten SO MUCH info and advice–I truly appreciate all that I have learned from you!!!
Jill F, Realtor
The Clover Agency has really improved my marketing productivity. Now when an idea surfaces it does not die from lack of follow-up. Instead, they pursue it and make sure that all necessary steps are taken to bring it to fruition. From community involvement, to interfacing with the national brand, to the execution of new programs, we are not just coming up with new ideas– we are putting good ideas into action!
Andrea has tremendous social media insights…She understands that it is the human relationships behind the posts that will have true impact for a brand. …She’s been a tremendous help in building real blogger, social media, press and live community relationships for our service, edRover. I highly recommend working with Andrea!
Tania Mulry, CEO DDx Media, Inc. and founder of edRover