By Nathan Rillo

Building a social media presence can be a difficult task for any small business. Platforms like Facebook have completely changed the way businesses connect with their audience. Once you’ve made enough connections, you will be able to use your Facebook page to grow your customer list. First, you will need to get more followers. Do you ever find yourself wondering just how to use Facebook to connect with as many potential clients and customers as possible? Here are three quick Facebook marketing tips to increase your reach.

1. Present your image with images. The first thing a user will see when they reach your Facebook page is your cover photo and profile picture. Make sure that these two are showing a clear picture of your business and what you are all about.

It’s a good marketing practice to change your cover photo roughly once a week if not more. Doing so is a great opportunity to get a large, banner sized, picture on the news feed of all your followers. Here are just a few businesses that have mastered this tip on cover photos:

  • Threadless – This fashion company has designs submitted and voted upon by users. Using these designs (together with the company logo for their profile picture), Threadless is able to change their cover photo weekly to a neat piece of art. Something followers would be happy to see on their news feed.


  • Chubbies – A clothing company dedicated to “Radical Shorts for Men.” Chubbies embraces their carefree and outgoing personality to rotate through fun, bright images of people wearing their Chubbies shorts.


  • Oreo – For their 100th birthday, Oreo ran a campaign to “Celebrate the Kid Inside,” featuring a “Birthday of the Day” on their cover photo for 100 days. This clever tactic allowed them to change their cover photo daily, greatly increasing their reach.


2. Connect across the web. Small businesses will often make the mistake of having their Facebook page all by itself, only to be found if you’re looking for it. Instead, include a “Like” button, and maybe a Facebook feed, on your company’s website and link back to Facebook on your Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles.

This may seem obvious, but users already on your website are clearly interested in what you have. Make it easy for them to find you on Facebook, making it easy for you to connect with them in the future.

3. Advertise to the right people. It would be tempting to say you don’t need to spend money on marketing for Facebook, but the truth is that Facebook ad targeting is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that would be a mistake not to include on this list of tips. Occasionally, a business can get away with the “word of mouth” strategy, but more likely than not you will need to advertise. Facebook offers many different ways to reach your target audience.

Facebook advertising can help you reach the right target audience with your ad, being sure to design said ad with a specific group in mind. You can target fans of specific pages, leads whose emails you already have or even reach out to a massive demographic with similar interests as existing customers and clients.